David Mathias

Secretary RCT LibDems


I joined the Liberal Democrats because I believe in the values of liberty, equality and community.

As a local teacher, I know that a good inclusive education frees people to fulfil their potential. That's why I want to see more investment in our schools, universities and greater support for life-long learning to enrich people's lives.

We live in a special and unique part of Wales. I want to see sensible investment in infrastructure and transport and a commitment to building more energy-efficient homes so that our young people can afford to live here.

We have all needed the NHS at some point in our lives. My niece is a nurse and my nephew is an ambulance driver, so I know how much pressure there is on our caring services. The Liberal Democrats want fair funding to re-build our health and social care system, making it work for all those who need care and treatment.

The Liberal Democrats offer an alternative to the other parties -  we will campaign and fight for the public services our communities deserve. We demand better!



David Mathias