Robert Butler

RCT Liberal Democrats have chosen Robert Butler as our candidate for the Ferndale & Maerdy ward.

I joined the Liberal Democrats in the June of 2019 as, like so many others, I was disillusioned by Brexit and felt they were the only party actively campaigning to change the direction in which we were heading. I have, however, always been a keen supporter, even in the early days when they were just the “Liberal Party”. This is because I believe in the basic values of honesty, integrity and equality that Liberal Democrats adhere to.

Should I become elected as a councillor for Ferndale, then my initial task would be to do everything in my power to stop people from leaving their dog’s mess on pavements, on verges and anywhere else from which it should be cleared. Not only does it cause inconvenience but it can, potentially, be life threatening - especially to children who may come into contact with it.

And, secondly, I would do whatever I could do stop this contagion of litter dropping. We have a lovely, historic town, nestled in some of the nicest landscapes around and we should not allow a minority to spoil it for the rest.


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