Steven Rajam

Membership Secretary RCT LibDems

[email protected]

As well as being our Membership Secretary, I’ve also been the Welsh Lib Dem Senedd candidate for the constituency of Pontypridd. In the 2022 local elections I was just 28 votes short of winning us a seat in the ward of Pontyclun East.

Outside of politics I’m a music and documentary maker, producing radio programmes and podcasts primarily for the BBC. But more importantly I’m a devoted Dad to my young daughter. I was born to mixed Sri Lankan and French heritage, and have lived in Wales for nearly two decades.

Ever since I could vote I’ve been a Lib Dem voter: Even as a young teenager I realised this party was different to the same-old, same-old bickering between red and blue parties and that it was a party committed to working together, thinking hard about solutions and ideas, and not falling back on old-fashioned ideological warfare. And that’s why I became a member.


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