Steven Rajam

RCT Liberal Democrats have chosen Steven Rajam as our candidate for the Pontyclun East ward.

A radio producer and documentary maker, Steven has lived in the Pontyclun area for more than a decade - in Miskin, Brynsadler and the centre of Pontyclun - and is well-known in the local community; his daughter attends Pontyclun Primary School and he’s a passionate supporter of independent businesses and the local high street.

Steven was the Welsh Liberal Democrat candidate for the Pontypridd constituency at the 2021 Senedd elections, and over the last 18 months Steven has visited every street and knocked on every door of the Pontyclun East ward multiple times - talking to residents about their concerns, distributing and collecting surveys, and standing up for parts of the ward that often feel overlooked by those currently in charge.

Steven says: “this May, local residents have a unique chance to bring about real, positive change for our area. For the first time, instead of two councillors covering the whole of the Pontyclun area, people in Groesfaen, Miskin and Mwyndy will have the chance to elect their own councillor, representing the ward of Pontyclun East.

“I’m standing to be Pontyclun East’s councillor not just because I love this place, but also because I know many people are frustrated. Young people, people with care needs, small business owners - so many residents feel let down by the parties in charge and the status quo.

“Some parts of our area seem to get all the attention, whilst others are completely ignored; promises are made - and never seen to turn into reality.

“That’s why I’ve spent months talking to people about concerns that matter to them: lighting on footpaths in Cefn-Yr-Hendy; hazardous lanes and speeding cars in Groesfaen; housing developments in Miskin - and much, much, more.

“Your voice really matters to me. If you elect me in May, I vow to make sure it won’t be overlooked, and to bring about real, positive change for our area.”


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