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My name’s Steven Rajam and I’m your Lib Dem candidate for Pontypridd. I’ve been campaigning in the constituency for several months now - but I realise I haven’t said very much about myself. So here’s a bit about me, and my experiences as a Liberal Democrat...

I’m 40 years old, and I live in Pontyclun, right in the heart of the village, which I love. I was born in Southampton, but Wales has been my home for nearly twenty years - and I’ve lived in RCT for just over a decade. This my first time as the Pontypridd candidate, and I’m honoured to be part of an amazing liberal tradition in this area that so many inspiring campaigners have helped establish.

By far the most important person in my life - my staunchest ally and strongest critic! - is my 6 year-old daughter Nina, who goes to Pontyclun Primary School. I’m a single Dad, and being a parent is one of the greatest pleasures in my life. My own parents were born abroad - my Mum in France and my late Dad in Sri Lanka - and I’ve always been interested in forging links with other cultures and peoples. I think that’s one reason I’m a Liberal Democrat - we’re committed to internationalism and forming a dialogue with the wider world.

In my working life, I’m a radio documentaries and music producer. I was a BBC staff member in Llandaff for over a decade, but left two years ago to start my own company, Overcoat Media. Funnily enough I tend to avoid politics in my work - mostly documentaries about the arts, comedy, music, science and history - but I guess it’s always there lurking in the background!

“Steven, why are you a Lib Dem?” That’s what many MANY of my Labour and Plaid-voting friends ask me. But I’ve always been a liberal voter - ever since the Paddy Ashdown days of the late 1990s. I really hate political dogma - the old “left-right” ding-dong that’s been going on forever and never seems to get anywhere...

I’m proud that the Lib Dems have always been at the forefront of radical policies about the environment, LGBTQ rights, localism and civil liberties. We care passionately about people. But unlike virtually every other party, we’re not authoritarians - we don’t expect people to just “do as we say” or sneer at others who have different views. We talk, we compromise, and we do real, practical good for people - whoever they are. That’s got to be better than petty ideology.

I’d be proud to have your vote as the Pontypridd candidate on Thurs May 6th, and also as a regional list candidate for South Wales Central.

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